Welcome to Azure Classic x1!

Challenge Event

PvE Supply Token earning, every Wednesday!

New Refine Farming

Inside Phoenix Valley, enter via East Archosaur

Magic Sticks of transformations should now be fixed.
Skillbooks are now stackable to 100. Before use please unstack them, just in case.
Previously untradable emoticons from gold shop should now be tradable.
Completely removed inscriptions from Divine Origin Lotus exchange.

Added new smileys:
Red Kid
Yellow Cat
Pink Bunny
Added new system for upgrading genie exp cubes.
You can find it on Clearstream NPC in Warsong (2nd bridge to the left, take the portal, turn around). It is named Divine Origin exchange. It's purpose is to allow you to farm and craft Divine Origin Lotus. Which contains 200 million genie exp for leveling genies.

The way it works is, you do warsong, and now you get Essentia and Anima. Those are 2 new packs that have replaced Warsong Essence lvl 8 and 9. Those are packs and to obtain the regular genie exp cube you just need to right click it. However, if it is saved up and crafted into a higher tiers of pack that gives you a higher amount of exp. The bonus exp received ranges from 250k, 500k, 1m, all the way up to 30 million if you manage to craft the Divine Origin Lotus.

Current tiers go as follows. Essentia, Anima and they craft into: Mortal, Houtian, King, Saint, Emperor, Tyrant and Sovereign. Which can ofc be right clicked at any moment to receive the Lotus essence of the same rank if you do not wish to go forwards with progress.

Considering that these are packs that give you the genie exp cube, this basically makes the genie exp cubes stackable now. Fair warning tho, once you right click to get the essence, it can no longer be used to craft the Divine Origin Lotus.

Added jax and linesey to Zenith Reward statue (I apologize it took me this long.)
TM Abbadon reward Gold; Silver; Bronze book now give 3M, 2M, 1.2M exp and spirit respectively.
TM Eden and TM Brimstone reward Gold; Silver; Bronze book now give 1.2M, 800k,480k exp and spirit respectively.

To obtain these books remember to when speaking to award npc you choose the option extra rewards, you should be able to exchange for a book there.

Added some stuff for internal testing for next part of the patch.
Added Misfits guild icon    
Added new transformation sticks:
Magic stick of Panda which transforms u into panda.
Magic stick of Spiritfox which transforms u into a pink shop (this is a bug but that is how it works currently so).
Magic stick of Yellow shop which transforms u into the yellow shop            Magic stick of Pink shop which deletes you from existance for a little bit. (also a bug but there you go, if you want to delete some people from existance, currently you can)     

*Core screams as darkness envelops him all around* "Why me!!!?"

Changed BH orders:

BH1 Zimo -> The Myriadtail Wyvern
BH1 Resentful Pyro -> Ofotis
BH1 Stygean Quatermaster -> Resentful Pyrosteosis
BH2 Brigand Transient -> Demonic Vexation
BH3 Linus the Woeful -> Fats
BH2 Stygean -> Thousand Year Spirit
BH3 Linus -> Ninetails

Changed BH rewards to their current modern counterparts:

BH1 (40-49) Rewards:
Exp: 66 000 -> 92 500
Spirit: 13 200 -> 18 500

BH2 (40-49) Rewards:
Exp: 48 000 -> 67 000
Spirit: 9 600 -> 13 400

BH3 (40-49) Rewards:
Exp: 36 000 -> 50 500
Spirit: 7 200 -> 10 100

BH1 (50-59) Rewards:
Exp: 82 500 -> 128 000
Spirit: 16 500 -> 25 600

BH2 (50-59) Rewards:
Exp: 60 000 -> 93 000
Spirit: 12 000 -> 18 600

BH3 (50-59) Rewards:
Exp: 45 000 -> 70 000
Spirit: 9 000 -> 14 000

BH1 (60-69) Rewards:
Exp: 110 000 -> 187 000
Spirit: 22 000 -> 37 400

BH2 (60-69) Rewards:
Exp: 80 000 -> 136 000
Spirit: 16 000 -> 27 200

BH3 (60-69) Rewards:
Exp: 60 000 -> 102 000
Spirit: 12 000 -> 20 400

BH1 (70-79) Rewards:
Exp: 165 000 -> 305 500
Spirit: 33 000 -> 61 100

BH2 (70-79) Rewards:
Exp: 120 000 -> 222 000
Spirit: 24 000 -> 44 400

BH3 (70-79) Rewards:
Exp: 90 000 -> 166 500
Spirit: 18 000 -> 33 300

BH1 (80-89) Rewards:
Exp: 220 000 -> 660 000
Spirit: 44 000 -> 132 000

BH2 (80-89) Rewards:
Exp: 160 000 -> 480 000
Spirit: 32 000 -> 96 000

BH3 (80-89) Rewards:
Exp: 120 000 -> 360 000
Spirit: 24 000 -> 72 000

BH1 (90-99) Rewards:
Exp: 330 000 -> 1 075 000
Spirit: 66 000 -> 215 000

BH2 (90-99) Rewards:
Exp: 240 000 -> 774 000
Spirit: 48 000 -> 154 800

BH3 (90-99) Rewards:
Exp: 180 000 -> 580 500
Spirit: 36 000 -> 116 100

Love you all!
GM Core out!

Fortifications: Copper;Silver;Gold are now actually Genie packs in disguise.
They hidin. Trials boss drops adjusted and increased.They will now look to spawn drops 10 times rather then only twice. Added a new loot table to them.
Removed Warrior Seal R8 material trades.
Added Warrior Seal to Safari or Aqueous Scroll exchange where the Warrior Seal r8 material trades were.
Added Hyper EXP converter trade from untradable to tradable in Best tab in PW Boutique Agent.
Added Warsong Waistband inscription acquired from packs to be exchangable for 10 Warsong inscriptions each under Misc tab in PW School Teacher NPC.
Added a Vile: Hauntery Queen tester boss for further internal testing purposes. (It appears the lunar crashes are related to boss AI; something regarding death animation possibly. Chances of it being a drop almost completely ruled out.)
World bosses now have a 2% chance to drop Mystical Tome fragments upon being killed. (Harpy Wraith is excluded due to it not being internally considered a world boss.)

Faction Monolith changes:

Faction Monolith lvl 1 is too pog to be touched so it remained untouched. :d
Faction Monolith lvl 2-8 now unlocks a Gift exchange from PW Boutique Agent.
Faction Monolith lvl 4-8 now unlocks Imbue Soulgem service.
Faction Monolith lvl 6-8 now unlocks Safe Service.

Faction Base dailies changes:

Lvl 50-59 daily quests now award 325k exp upon completion.
Lvl 60-69 (giggety) daily quests now award 350k exp upon completion.
Lvl 70-79 daily quests now award 400k exp upon completion.
Lvl 80-89 daily quests now award 500k exp upon completion.
Lvl 90-99 daily quests now award 750k exp upon completion.
Lvl 100+ daily quests now award 1.04m exp upon completion.

As always, thank you all for supporting me and this family we are building here together. Love you all, GM Core out!