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Challenge Event

PvE Supply Token earning, every Wednesday!

New Refine Farming

Inside Phoenix Valley, enter via East Archosaur

We've recently added a new method for refine farming, which is being tested on the live server. We'd like to get your feedback on discord (pv-feedback channel).

Here's a summary of the latest patches: Version 55 Introducing the reworked Phoenix Valley for refine farming You will be able to enter by the Elder in East Archosaur, the instance can be reset from inside at the R.O.C npc.

Version 56 Changed some mob drops to Chienkun Stones instead of Packs (inside Phoenix Valley) Increased Aggro Range of Darkfuse Mannequin

Version 57 Added repair function to NPCs within NW. (Overseers) Added decompose option to Twilight Forge: Armor,Weapon,Ornament Souledge: Cape of Power and Souledge: Trophy are no longer tradable, acc stashable and they can not be NPCd (to avoid accidents) Made Human and Untamed flyers interchangable. Added Shard of Stone paper as a reward for completing EU.

Shards of stone paper along with Order of Blades can now be exchanged for a randomized skillbook at Momentor. "Order of blades" exchanges for "Skillbook Roll" which contains skillbooks of all classes. (You can not choose what book for which class u will get here) "Shard of stone paper" exchanges every 2 days for a pack that you may choose which are separated by their class and by their orientation (Demon or Sage) for a higher chance of obtaining the wanted skillbook. The exchange is 2 Shards of stone paper for a desired skillbook. All the trades are at mentioned NPC Momentor.

Version 58 Hotfix - squad members in EU should now properly receive Shard of Stone paper as a reward. Shards of Stone paper are now untradable and undiscardable but are still account stashable.

We have a new event taking place every wednesday (and early thursday morning)

The Challenge gives players a new way to earn Supply Tokens, as an alternative to Nation Wars at the weekends. Please be aware that you may only take part on 1 character!

Currently the event takes place at:




Hope to see you at the event soon, make sure to check out the discord for more information.

Season 2 has begun, with four factions taking land in the first weekend.

It will be exciting to see how things unfold this time with the new competition.

Our work on a new event to earn supply tokens is nearly complete, and we'll soon be testing and hopefully implementing the changes, as always check the discord for the latest information.

Good luck to all the factions!