Welcome to Azure Classic x1!

Challenge Event

PvE Supply Token earning, every Wednesday!

New Refine Farming

Inside Phoenix Valley, enter via East Archosaur


Added guild base.
Trials drops replaced with placeholder drops for now. Will be changed at a later date.
Made it so Guild base can be leveled past lvl 30 for more tech points.
Adjusted the leveling speed of guild base so it does not take 8 years to level it to lvl50.
Hopefully fixed Dream Guardian scrolls.
Added 2 new pets to the store. Baby Lion Hornet and Baby Poison hornet.
Added new genie to the custom genies called Spherio!
Added in the Faction base NPCs at their designated locations.
Discovered that Windwalking Piggy pet does not follow player properly and that should now be fixed.

From today to the next Monday 28th. We are holding an in-game sale on most fashion weapons from 20 gold to 15 gold per piece. And including that we have a Guardian Spirit and Emerald Spirit charm sale from 30 to 26 gold.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

GM Core out!
(P.S. New genie and pets will be posted in preview on discord in #previews channel)


Okay, so a bit of an info for everyone. This isn't anything groundbreaking but i think having some form of notification would be good for the server so you guys know what is being worked on. Okay so general gist of things is, i am one man and i can't manifest content out of my flop flop even if i wanted to so be aware of that but i promise i will do everything in my ability to bring something fresh or something to do for you on the server. Current ideas and possibilities i will be exploring and doing in the upcoming months:

Revamped/improved genie systems. Basically making genies themselves actually something that you can farm. The idea is that you can farm a genie that will offer you a better chance at getting better lucky points. In that i will also want to explore if genie gear acquisition and farming can be made a bit more exciting, the current systems...for lack of a better word...exist?
I want to explore making a PvE version of G16 gear.
Improvements to G16 gear in sense of possibly entirely taking out the RNG element of rolling for stats through upgrading the gear directly to its most powerful form.
Guild bases, remember those? Yeah, this is definitely one of my priorities for upcoming patches. Will i be reinventing the wheel here with them? Who knows, but i do want to introduce a few new quests to the guild base. I want to introduce more value to guild merit. I want to introduce perhaps a new playable gamemode; something like tower defense. Probably introduce some new items and gear to take a look at. We will see.
New challenging instance, as you can see in
cores-small-core-ner i can now edit instances reliably because the issue i had with the editor has been removed by the developer of the tool.
Explore a possibility of player started events. Personal invasions, custom trivia, personal bosses, reward boss fights that would have a chance of dropping some cool loot.
Regarding cosmetics; i can't promise i can backport all the new and cool fashions other servers have. And i am not keen on taking other servers custom stuff; at most if it's from a dead server and it is publicly posted. That being said, what i can say is that there is a good chance that, just like custom weapons we will at some point be able to fully edit wings, mounts etc in every way imaginable, from models, textures to their animations and effects. Which would pave the way to the server having stuff like farmable custom mounts,flyers, genies and so on. I have some really talented helpers i want to thank immeasurably for dedicating their free time to this project and honestly, it is just incredible to me what was achieved in last few months regarding this. It honestly makes me emotional. To be fair, this project is still in the background in development and considering that people are taking their own free time to make this i can't expect this to be finished right now or at all, but what i can say is i can currently edit and create custom weapons because of them, as such i want to thank them for their hours and hours of work they have put into this. Thank you.
Okay, so cosmetics, i want to work on new flyers that i am able to edit at current point in time. I want to bring more genie types for you ppl to be able to choose from apart from a few custom ones we have now. Along with working on these upcoming ideas and points here i want to be working on chromas of currently existing flyers, mounts and possibly pets and stuff for the achievement system. I am very very excited for that.

Lastly, i probably forgot something, butt, i am sure you won't. So yeah, suggestions are open for you guys and gals. Are most of your suggestions going to be doable, most likely not. Are they going to inspire us in some way shape or form, definitely. So you got an idea for a cool progression direction for the server? Cool gear progression direction? Something nobody has ever thought off? Something that maybe you don't think will fit the server? Promotional idea for the server? Please, do leave your idea in suggestions channel. Don't message me privately about the ideas please, i get enough messages as it is. Post them in suggestions. Remember, it can be crazy. It can be dumb. People don't have to approve or like it. That is okay. As long as it's there it might spark an idea and lead to great things. As always, thank you all for your continued support, your continued loyalty. Thank you for reading through my wall of text i am currently making longer by including this message at the end. I love all of you and wish you all the best; have a good night.

GM Core out!

I live my life with hope, always hope, that the future will be better than the present, but only as long as I work to make it so. R.A. Salvatore

Our next 2x event will be 2x Drops event and it is scheduled for weekend from: 25.2.-28.2. so feel free to plan ahead!

GM Core out!