Welcome to Azure Classic x1!


Now Live! Taking place Friday and Sunday


Arrives on the 26th October


Welcome to Azure Classic, our server opened on the 3rd January 2020.

The idea behind the server, is to keep as much of a classic PWI feel as possible, whilst removing some of the pay-to-win features that began to ruin later versions of the game. Most items you need, can be obtained for free in-game or via voting, event gold can be earned through voting and gold is always available at the auction house in-game.

So that means our server has 1x rates, it is played on version 1.4.6, including all of the useful features such as autopath, a find quest log, genies and more. There's also the Tideborn and Eathguard.

However, you won't find any Rank 9 or Rank 8 recast, Phoenix Valley.

For any more information, you can check out our About Page

And to get involved with the community, head over to our DISCORD

Finally, to help our server grow, log into the control panel and vote! Voting will not only help our community, you'll get vote reward points to spend on some nice rewards in the webshop.