Welcome to Azure Classic x1!

Challenge Event

PvE Supply Token earning, every Wednesday!

New Refine Farming

Inside Phoenix Valley, enter via East Archosaur


There is an event for 2x donation gold going on right now! It will last until 14th of February!

Support the server keep the lights on and grab yours right now! Thank you all for playing and donating.

GM Core out! <3

Today marks the beginning of TW season 4! Good luck everyone!

> Rearranged gold shop fashion weapons and Vanity armors. You can now find them in FW/VA tab split into separate categories. To do this i had to merge Chat and Craft categories.
> Increased durability on Supreme Robes. However, to obtain it you will have to recraft the capes, there is a recipe in Contemplation forge under CapeDRB category which contains recipes to recraft the robes and it costs 1 ST. Make sure to transfer your refines first before crafting because there is a chance you won't be asked if you want to do so or not by the forge. You can of course risk it for the biscuit.
> Made Uncanny Ore used for engraving tradable.
> Added Wraith Soldier's Dog Tag x5 option to Commander-in-Chief NPC.
> Made Wormhole Bell from regular gold shop tradable.
> Renamed and/or modified wine names to include their instance counterparts both in NPC shop.
> Increased stack limit for low level crazy stone gems to 10k.
> Increased stack limit of regular resurrection scrolls to 1000.
> Added improved Capoo smiley into the game.
> Added new guild icon.
> Added Noble, Minister, Duke, Royal Armor sets to VA/Male and VA/Female categories.
> Added Meteor Staff, Spiritmeeting wand, Gnosis Wand, Jade Sphere Wand and Comet Sword Fashion weapons in FW/Male and FW/Female categories.
> Added Achievement Table NPC right across the teleporter as a preliminary test of the achievements system.
> Added a new quest to Ginring that awards the requested items.
> Added a Panderic Knight (panda pet) pet to Achievements System Exchange as a reward for completing the task required.
> Added comemorative NPCs for current and previous TW season winners.