Welcome to Azure Classic x1!

Challenge Event

PvE Supply Token earning, every Wednesday!

New Refine Farming

Inside Phoenix Valley, enter via East Archosaur

CHAT (discord+ingame)

No excessive swearing, racial slurs or any other form of harassment on any public chat. No disrespecting or defaming of staff members or mods. No advertising without express permission. Any and all forms of sale/trade/requesting to buy in-game items/accounts and such for real life items, information, currency or similar is by all accounts prohibited. Claiming to be a GM or that GM has explicitly allowed certain behavior with malicious purpose is prohibited. Threatening, coercing, blackmailing anyone; GMs explicitly will result in immediate account suspension. No drama due to GM sanctions.



Bug, exploit abuse is prohibited. Let us know in
bug-report or privately. Cheating, botting is prohibited. GM area is off limits without GMs express approval to enter. Maximum of 2 clients per person online at any given time with only 3rd client allowed as a catshop with a maximum level of 30 and is not allowed to leave the safezone while all 3 accs are logged. In content with PvP, including but not limited to (TW, NW, Tournament etc.) you are only allowed to have one character in the event/content at any given moment. No toxic behavior, griefing with malicious intent or toxicity. No fake bidding for TW or bidding with alt factions. .ini file editing is okay as long as you are not a stick figure. In "The Challenge" event no alt characters are allowed at all. You are only allowed to do it once with one character/this includes acc sharing.

TW (to be updated next season)

Players; this means players behind any and all accounts connected to them; in any kind of leadership capacity (Leader, Director, Marshall, or Executor) of a faction that participates in Territory Wars cannot have alternate factions that participate in Territory Wars. If you are in a leadership position of a faction, you cannot be a member of another faction that participates in Territory Wars on the same server. - Leadership positions are: Leader, Director, Marshall, Executor.
Players that have accounts in multiple TW factions at the same time will only be punished if they OR their accounts are participating in TWs of multiple factions in the season. If you have an account for purely non TW matters and activities you will be completely fine.