Welcome to Azure Classic x1!

Challenge Event

PvE Supply Token earning, every Wednesday!

New Refine Farming

Inside Phoenix Valley, enter via East Archosaur

  • No excessive swearing, racial slurs or any other form of harassment. This applies most of all to world chat, which is actively monitored. Factions and squads may moderate chat as they wish.
  • No abusing of bugs, both in-game and through the account services, such as item or mob duplication. Any bugs found should be reported promptly on the forums, or through private message to myself(Azure).
  • There should be a maximum of 3 clients per person, that's at most 3 characters online at any time simultaneously. The 3rd character may only be used as a shop, and is limited to level 30. If running multiple clients, only one may be in PK mode. Multiple characters should never be taking part in anything that involves fighting other players. This means under no circumstances, should anyone EVER have 2 or 3 characters online that are both taking part in open world PvP, The Tournament, Theatre of Blood or Territory War. This rule also applies to PvE event 'The Challenge'.
  • We do allow .ini file editing to make small changes to characters, such as hair styles and other minor edits. Please keep characters somewhat resembling human form, the only thing we will not tolerate is impossibly thin characters, making them harder to see or select, players breaking this rule will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • Rules cleanup and additions: -
  • Entering GM area without GM permission is a bannable offense. 
  • No alts are allowed in The Tournament.
  • No multiclienting in NW. - You may only attend NW with 1 character at any time, leaving and rejoining on another account/character is not allowed.
  • If you are a member of multiple in one household only 1 character per person is allowed in NW.
  • No fake bidding is allowed for TW (including alt factions). - If you received a sanction on only one toon. It is recommended to take that as a serious warning since we know you have more then one account and if we dont we can find out. Therefore, if we really wanted to, that sanction would be on all other accounts too. Be smart about it and cool down.
  • Griefing others with malicious intent that causes intentional harm to other players in some shape or form will be treated as toxic behavior and will be dealt with as GM sees fit.
  • Claiming GM allowed/said something when they did not can be considered as attempt to cause general harm to the servers community as well as defaming a GM/GMs and depending on the severity of the matter at hand will be dealt accordingly by a GM.
  • Claiming to be and posing as a GM without actually being one will directly and without any warning result in a permanent ban of all accounts or IP ban or as GM sees fit.
  • Any and all forms of sale/trade/similar of in game items for real life items, information, currency is by all accounts prohibited.
  • OTHER CHATS: - No promotion of other servers. - Upon breaking any of aforementioned rules sanctions can be issued without warning and can be from short lasting sanctions all the way to permanent depending on the severity and repetition of different behaviors. - If you are unclear on what you did wrong and why you received a sanction contact a GM for a clarification. In some cases there can be a misunderstanding and us GMs are only human. We will listen to you and see if sanction will be upheld or not. Following actions of users that can result in sanctions getting prolonged or be unappealable entirely or may even result in added sanctions: - Starting a giant drama over the sanction they received. - Trying to blackmail GMs and attempting to coerce a GM in any way shape or form. - Being a menace to all other users after receiving sanction in attempt of retaliation. - Any form of retaliation. - Being aggressive.



  • No profanities.
  • Be pleasant and courteous to others.
  • No toxic behavior.
  • As long as above is respected you are allowed to use other languages.
  • No promotion of any kind regarding IRL items or promotion of other servers.
  • TW and TW Factions specific rule changes/additions:
    Players; this means players behind any and all accounts connected to them; in any kind of leadership capacity (Leader, Director, Marshall, or Executor) of a faction that participates in Territory Wars cannot have alternate factions that participate in Territory Wars. If you are in a leadership position of a faction, you cannot be a member of another faction that participates in Territory Wars on the same server. - Leadership positions are: Leader, Director, Marshall, Executor.
    Players that have accounts in multiple TW factions at the same time will only be punished if they OR their accounts are participating in TWs of multiple factions in the season. If you have an account for purely non TW matters and activities you will be completely fine.

Following actions of users that can result in sanctions getting dropped, removed, them getting pardoned, having their sanction reduced in length: - First of all, get in touch with the GM. Hear them out, see what they think you did wrong and what possible rule they think you broke. Just by speaking to them it might prove to be a mistake or a misunderstanding.

Being honest, having integrity to admit to your wrongdoings goes a long way to show a GM you understand that you did break a rule and it might result in GM showing leniency. - I know that getting banned or sanctioned in any way, shape or form can be a reason to get heated up but try to remain respectful, it will go a long way when speaking to a GM in GM reconsidering if you should be downgraded to a more serious warning or have the sanction shortened.

As a final note, GMs have no preference. We do not look at a player that other players in game dislike and are like "We dont like him too." . Thats not how it works. We are neutral regardless of love or hate thrown at us.

Thank you for playing on AzureClassic. Kindest regards AzurePW GM team.